Thursday, June 30, 2005

advertising stupidity

What is it with adverts on tv these days? Have i fallen so far off the middle of the road that i can no longer see them in the same light as John Q. Normal?

Take the add with the guy in his office who uses books and files to create a mini-golf course out of his persian carpet. This is an advert for an investment bank or something, meant to make us thing 'wow, they really are innovative'. What i think when i see that ad is 'what the fuck is he up to? shouldn't he be working? how's my money doing while he's fucking around paying mini-golf in his office?' Based on the amount of work getting done, he's probably the driver who has been dressed in a suit and locked in the corner office from 9-5 to fool b.e.e. investigators. No wonder he's bored.

Then there's that fucking abominable ad with the yoghurt-eating and the insane dancing around the kitchen. The tagline for that advert should be 'Yoghurt! Now with crack cocaine!'

Oh, not to mention that god-damn aweful Momentum advert with the two guys on the plane, the one spouting about how toothpaste is the next best thing. Did you hear that 'ding'? That was the No Bullshit light coming on. Fasten your trays, put your seats in the upright position and shut the fuck up.

Monday, June 27, 2005

good weekend

good weekend overall. Friday night went to Colleen and Jason and watched without a paddle which was highly recommendable to anyone with even an ounce of humour.

I think i might be addicted to milo. This is not highly concerning, because it's not bad to be addicted to something healthy? right? RIGHT????

saturday was d@vid's end of the exams party. was a good evening, despite being subjected to some rather odd party games. Marshmallows were yummy tho :)

Sunday went round to the family and had bobotie (yumm!) and lots of cake.


Prior to the weekend, i graduated on Friday. It was a madhouse. I'm not terribly impressed by the general conduct, being as it was a formal occassion. Especially people who continued to ululate for quite some time after their children/friends had stepped off the stage, drowning out the voice of the dean attempting to read out the next person and their degree. Fine, i get that you're excited, but have some god damn courtesy. The next person up is not a friendless orphan, and it's just remotely possible that their family would also like to hear their name read out, for pete's sake. I mean, you can say 'oh we're an african university and we do things differently' but that does not excuse rudeness. Being rude is not a cultural prerogative.

Also, Lucas Radebe got his honourary M. Soc. Sci. degree, so there was a flurry of press all scurrying to take photos ... surreal. The whole concept of an honourary degree is odd. It makes some of us who actually worked our asses off for our degree feel a little... cheated. Fine, give him some sort of award recognizing his humanitarian work, but don't pretend that he spent 6 years at varsity attending lectures in first and spending all afternoon doing tuts. It's a lot easier to appear at functions, give away money and talk about how important you think education is. But maybe i'm wrong. Maybe it's hard work or something.

Right, i'm going home now.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sushi sushi sushi

Went to sushi on tuesday at Benkei with a bunch of ppl. Big up to Hila for organizing.. it was cool.

Of course, at R135 a head all you can eat, i was expecting something really special, given that Sushi Yama's all you can eat is cheaper. What i got was the same quality, more restrictions and less service. Not terribly impressed. It was good, but i can get just as good for cheaper, thanks.

Still, sushi, mmmm....

Oh and i have to point out that fish are gross. Any animal that will follow another animal so that it can eat the shit dangling from its ass is just gross. and should *not* be placed next to ppl eating. gross.

Got to go pick up my gown and hood this afternoon so i can graduate tomorrow. To be honest i'd prefer to ignore the whole rigmarole, but i'm the first person to graduate from this course and my dad hasn't been to one of my graduations yet.... so i feel a little pressured to go. I went to my BSc graduation, decided it was boring, and so skipped the next one. And i wasn't really bothered by that. I got the degree in the post. Big deal. No sitting in jammie hall bored out of my mind. No waiting through every single other person on campus.... I mean, the MSc students have to sit through *all* the BScs as well as the BSc hons, and then once you've got yours you get to sit through all the PhDs too. *yawn*

hopefully because it is june graduation, there will be fewer ppl and it won't be too bad. Hopefully.

And on a lighter not, a Kenyan villager was recently caught in flagrante delicto with a sheep. When his fellow villagers carted him off to the police station (after leaving him tied up for 4 hours) he pleaded that the devil made him do it.

Uhuh. Sure.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Firefly and 5.1 Surround Sound

OK, good weekend.

Last weekend i succumbed to temptation and bought Firefly: The Complete Series (Look and Listen had dropped the price by R100! I mean, how often does that happen??). Now, this would have been a good plan if i had noticed that the box set was Region 1. Alex's playstation, which we use to watch dvd's, is Region 2.


Well, call it the straw that broke the camel's back. This saturday i finally relented and purchased a DVD player with 5.1 surround sound. Whee! It is t3h l33t. See this Penny Arcade for an explanation. Of course, alex got up early on sunday to set up the speakers, and i was woken up to the sound of cannon fire coming from the lounge.

In addition, i nearly forgot that schpat was getting me some smoked salmon at woolies waste, so his call on saturday that he had the goods was a pleasant surprise. Got there later than planned (how is it that everything you have to do in a week, has to be done on saturday?), but it still turned out to be a good day, with plenty of food and good company.

Went to the folks on sunday, and produced smoked salmon, brie and camembert, courtesy of schpat. All about saw that it was good.

Friday, June 10, 2005


Watched Resident Evil Apocalypse again last night. Milla kicks ass. The special features will pretty good, including a very entertaining gag real, and Zombie Bootcamp.

In other news, the boss has been down with the flu all week, so the office has been a little crazy. Loadtesting sucks the big one, but i think i'm gaining ground. soon i will be able to kick WebLoad's ass. I'd like to thank RadView for creating one of the worst programs i've ever had to use. It's user-hostility borders on open-source. I'd think it was shareware if we hadn't paid so god damned much for it.

Got adobe illustrator installed yesterday. Now i need to learn to use it. Looks shiny.

i miss games. i want to chuzzle :( but time is been fleeting (madness takes its toll?). This week so far: Monday night was AGM dinner, tuesday was nice night at home watching a week's worth of taped tv, wednesday was birthday dinner for alex with family, last night was steak and res evil, tonight is more AGM celebrationing (drinks) and possible movie watching later at cavendish.

Tomorrow i would love to spend at home, doing nothing.

Friday, June 03, 2005

i roll 20s

role-playing last night, for the first time in ages. Nice to get back. I think this character is going to be fun. It's a little munchkin (i have the +1 shortsword of my grandfather and its honourable brother) but i tried a complex character and got killed. go figure.

Got a project deployment this morning (sings "Roll out...roll out") so plenty of stress and piles of documentation. However, should all be over by 2pm and then not much to do until the weekend starts.

Got dinner with dad tonight, then ben's birthday after that. Then we're splitting the doomtown pot tomorrow day, i'm doing some brainstorming with al on our All Flesh Must Be Eaten module, and then it's alex's birthday thing at the One Ring. Then family braai on sunday. So all in all, there's a busy weekend coming up.

I can't wait to write this all flesh module! Nazi Zombies for much better does it get?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

too little sleep

arg, i am not getting enough sleep. I've been reading the third and final book in Lian Hearn's Tales of the Otori trilogy, Brilliance of the Moon. And playing Chuzzle. God damn those little furballs.

In other news, my D&D game resumes tonight, after a long hiatus. Shelagh is coming over to say hi and bye to all. I got her something that reminded me of her.... i hope she likes it.

Also, i have finally given in and reverted to using MSNM instead of psi. I am beginning to subscribe to Craig David's "free equals poo" theory. I say subscribe, because the theory itself has a nominal yearly subscription fee. God forbid you might think it were free, or the theory itself would be poo, and collapse in on itself in some sort of universe-destroying event.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Today the company i work for turned 3. There was cake. yay!

Watched the 3-hour epic finale of Survivor: Vanuatu last night. The person in the final 4 who i dispised the least won, so that worked out ok, i guess. I'm disappointed that the FBI agent got voted off so early; i was waiting for he day he disappeared into the jungle, then one by one the other survivors started to disappear too. Sure, they're getting voted off. Right.

See, what we need now is survivor: special forces. Last man standing wins. It would soooo 0wn.

other than that, the latest vg cats is pretty damn funny, and expresses a lot of the problems i found with SWIII, like the aweful god-damn dialogue. Please, George, stop writing the dialogue! However, i did enjoy it was fun, and pretty much what i expected. Also, Jar Jar Binks is in one scene and doesn't even say anything...someone finally got the damn hint.