Thursday, June 30, 2005

advertising stupidity

What is it with adverts on tv these days? Have i fallen so far off the middle of the road that i can no longer see them in the same light as John Q. Normal?

Take the add with the guy in his office who uses books and files to create a mini-golf course out of his persian carpet. This is an advert for an investment bank or something, meant to make us thing 'wow, they really are innovative'. What i think when i see that ad is 'what the fuck is he up to? shouldn't he be working? how's my money doing while he's fucking around paying mini-golf in his office?' Based on the amount of work getting done, he's probably the driver who has been dressed in a suit and locked in the corner office from 9-5 to fool b.e.e. investigators. No wonder he's bored.

Then there's that fucking abominable ad with the yoghurt-eating and the insane dancing around the kitchen. The tagline for that advert should be 'Yoghurt! Now with crack cocaine!'

Oh, not to mention that god-damn aweful Momentum advert with the two guys on the plane, the one spouting about how toothpaste is the next best thing. Did you hear that 'ding'? That was the No Bullshit light coming on. Fasten your trays, put your seats in the upright position and shut the fuck up.


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