Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Today the company i work for turned 3. There was cake. yay!

Watched the 3-hour epic finale of Survivor: Vanuatu last night. The person in the final 4 who i dispised the least won, so that worked out ok, i guess. I'm disappointed that the FBI agent got voted off so early; i was waiting for he day he disappeared into the jungle, then one by one the other survivors started to disappear too. Sure, they're getting voted off. Right.

See, what we need now is survivor: special forces. Last man standing wins. It would soooo 0wn.

other than that, the latest vg cats is pretty damn funny, and expresses a lot of the problems i found with SWIII, like the aweful god-damn dialogue. Please, George, stop writing the dialogue! However, i did enjoy it was fun, and pretty much what i expected. Also, Jar Jar Binks is in one scene and doesn't even say anything...someone finally got the damn hint.


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