Monday, June 27, 2005

good weekend

good weekend overall. Friday night went to Colleen and Jason and watched without a paddle which was highly recommendable to anyone with even an ounce of humour.

I think i might be addicted to milo. This is not highly concerning, because it's not bad to be addicted to something healthy? right? RIGHT????

saturday was d@vid's end of the exams party. was a good evening, despite being subjected to some rather odd party games. Marshmallows were yummy tho :)

Sunday went round to the family and had bobotie (yumm!) and lots of cake.


Prior to the weekend, i graduated on Friday. It was a madhouse. I'm not terribly impressed by the general conduct, being as it was a formal occassion. Especially people who continued to ululate for quite some time after their children/friends had stepped off the stage, drowning out the voice of the dean attempting to read out the next person and their degree. Fine, i get that you're excited, but have some god damn courtesy. The next person up is not a friendless orphan, and it's just remotely possible that their family would also like to hear their name read out, for pete's sake. I mean, you can say 'oh we're an african university and we do things differently' but that does not excuse rudeness. Being rude is not a cultural prerogative.

Also, Lucas Radebe got his honourary M. Soc. Sci. degree, so there was a flurry of press all scurrying to take photos ... surreal. The whole concept of an honourary degree is odd. It makes some of us who actually worked our asses off for our degree feel a little... cheated. Fine, give him some sort of award recognizing his humanitarian work, but don't pretend that he spent 6 years at varsity attending lectures in first and spending all afternoon doing tuts. It's a lot easier to appear at functions, give away money and talk about how important you think education is. But maybe i'm wrong. Maybe it's hard work or something.

Right, i'm going home now.


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