Friday, June 03, 2005

i roll 20s

role-playing last night, for the first time in ages. Nice to get back. I think this character is going to be fun. It's a little munchkin (i have the +1 shortsword of my grandfather and its honourable brother) but i tried a complex character and got killed. go figure.

Got a project deployment this morning (sings "Roll out...roll out") so plenty of stress and piles of documentation. However, should all be over by 2pm and then not much to do until the weekend starts.

Got dinner with dad tonight, then ben's birthday after that. Then we're splitting the doomtown pot tomorrow day, i'm doing some brainstorming with al on our All Flesh Must Be Eaten module, and then it's alex's birthday thing at the One Ring. Then family braai on sunday. So all in all, there's a busy weekend coming up.

I can't wait to write this all flesh module! Nazi Zombies for much better does it get?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mwahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhah!!!! Random blog commentary is now mine!!! Anonymously of course. Mwahahahahah! Oh, yes, can you bring book 2 & 3 to the One Ring tomorrow night? Or, possibly, pick us up? Then you can give it to me right there, in the back seat. Yeh, baby.

June 03, 2005 1:21 PM  

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