Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sushi sushi sushi

Went to sushi on tuesday at Benkei with a bunch of ppl. Big up to Hila for organizing.. it was cool.

Of course, at R135 a head all you can eat, i was expecting something really special, given that Sushi Yama's all you can eat is cheaper. What i got was the same quality, more restrictions and less service. Not terribly impressed. It was good, but i can get just as good for cheaper, thanks.

Still, sushi, mmmm....

Oh and i have to point out that fish are gross. Any animal that will follow another animal so that it can eat the shit dangling from its ass is just gross. and should *not* be placed next to ppl eating. gross.

Got to go pick up my gown and hood this afternoon so i can graduate tomorrow. To be honest i'd prefer to ignore the whole rigmarole, but i'm the first person to graduate from this course and my dad hasn't been to one of my graduations yet.... so i feel a little pressured to go. I went to my BSc graduation, decided it was boring, and so skipped the next one. And i wasn't really bothered by that. I got the degree in the post. Big deal. No sitting in jammie hall bored out of my mind. No waiting through every single other person on campus.... I mean, the MSc students have to sit through *all* the BScs as well as the BSc hons, and then once you've got yours you get to sit through all the PhDs too. *yawn*

hopefully because it is june graduation, there will be fewer ppl and it won't be too bad. Hopefully.

And on a lighter not, a Kenyan villager was recently caught in flagrante delicto with a sheep. When his fellow villagers carted him off to the police station (after leaving him tied up for 4 hours) he pleaded that the devil made him do it.

Uhuh. Sure.


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