Monday, July 11, 2005

karaoke ok

As weekends go, that was a good one.

Friday night was Jim's farewell. Julie and Al threw a great cheese and wine. Apparently the recent bombings haven't deterred Jim from his plan, although he is expecting to be eating bread and water for at least a month. I suggested if he doesn't get a job after a month, he should eat homeless people and use their faces as masks and collect their social security. It would totally work. I'm sure.

Saturday i finally got the security gate installed. Still getting used to yet another lock on the way in and out. next month, burglar bars. yay.

Saturday night we went to the SCA bardic event to support Jo and Colleen and various others in their bardic efforts. On the whole, quite impressive, especially Vera's solo.

After that, we went to Mordor for Mike's 21st, which was a karaoke evening. My first. We arrived to everyone singing Bohemian Rhapsody at the tops of their lungs . Interesting. There was some good singing, there was some bad singing, but mostly the music track was so loud and the mikes so soft (mikes, not Mikes) that no one could really tell either way. Still, tab at the bar and a lot of songs you forgot you knew the words to (why is all that space in my brain being taken up with all that crap?) made for a fun night.

Sunday i started writing up the All Flesh Must Be Eaten/ WitchCraft module. Got a good chunk done and will do more later this week. I'm calling it 'Mein Zombie'. For those interested, it will be run at Dragonfire 2005 and include Nazi Zombies, Christian Relics and Haggis. Bad Scottish accents optional for DMs.

I spent entirely too much time dicking around with logos and making things pretty. But it will be worth it, damn it.

brilliant quote: "Some people wear their heart on their sleeve/i wear mine under my right pants leg/ strapped to my boot" - Ani Defranco, Shameless.


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