Wednesday, July 13, 2005

roleplaying season begins

Well, with ICON this weekend and the dragonfire website up, it looks like roleplaying season has begun. In addition, we also have SchpatCON and Imbolcon to look forward to. Exciting stuff :)

I'm looking for one more playtester for my module: playtest is currently scheduled for 2:00 PM July 23 at my place.

Otherwise, work trucks on as usual. Partial go-live of the system possibly scheduled for August 15 so things are getting a little interesting (especially considering the clients are still putting in change requiests). This is of course reliant on a few client deliverables, including the legal disclaimers that we've been asking them for since February at least! I know we'll be ready... whether they will is another story.

don't really have much else to say.


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