Wednesday, August 31, 2005

splitting hairs

ok, since nothing much interesting is happening, i will use today's post to restate my point:

people demand that the police do more to catch criminals, and then complain about it when it inconveniences them. This makes them hypocrites. If you want to argue with that, i'm not interested in hearing it.

No, i don't necessarily agree with the method the police used, but i believe the intent had merit and spot checks should continue to be performed, if by another method more in keeping with people's civil liberties. However, in support of my original point, i believe that even if they had gone about it in a polite and restrained way, people would still have bitched. You can believe what you like.

Yes, i have nothing to hide from the police, and should i be asked for my driver's licence or id i would produce it quite voluntarily. Should i, as a consequence, be charged with some misdemeanour that i have committed, i would accept the consequences. the reason is, i want the police to do a better job. If the trade off for not getting raped in my own home is getting slapped with a fine and a criminal record for things i myself am guilty of, that's a trade i will happily make. I wouldn't trade getting ass-raped in jail for getting ass-raped at home, but then again that is why i would never commit a felony, so it's a moot point. yes, in the statement of 'i have never committed a crime' what i really should have said was 'i have never committed a felony'. misdemeanours are not worth hiding, as i'm sure the penalty for evading arrest is worse than the penalty for the misdemeanour. To clarify: I have nothing to hide that's worth hiding.

No, i am not going to turn myself in for committing a misdemeanour. I am calling for the police to do their job better, not volunteering to do their job for them. however, if in the process of them doing their job better i am found guilty of a misdemeanour, i would not whine like a little bitch because i got what i asked for.


back in the real world, where the police don't do their job and i am still a free woman, the flat two doors away got broken into at the weekend, again. A window was broken with a brick and they climbed in. In response, i'm going to have to put burglar bars on my windows, and still feel unsafe. Joy.

Roleplaying last night was great fun. So was the chatting. And the food. Thanks again to schpat for providing :)

Oh, and i came up with a solution to problem that got described as 'elegant'. Sweet.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Police State: bring it on

Jo'burg metro police have upped the intensity of their spot searches for traffic offenders who have failed to pay fines, or who have warrants outstanding for their arrest. Earlier this year there were random roadblocks to check licences, and now they're surprising people in restaurants. Over 500 people have been arrested. On friday night, during the spot raids they arrested 4 illegal immigrants and someone in possession of drugs. Good for them, you say, it's about time the police in this country got off their butts and started to do something.

At least, that's what you'd say if you were sane. But it seems that restaurant-goers are in an outrage over this. Why? Your meal got disturbed for a short while, and five criminals got arrested. These same people bitch and moan about the police not doing anything when they get mugged or hijacked or broken into, but when the police do something, heaven forbid it should disturb your meal or cause you discomfort in any sort of way. If i had been there, i would have applauded as they detained said criminals and marched them out of the restaurant.

People keep saying it's an invasion of privacy. What?? You're in a public place, idiot. Any policeman can stop you in the street and ask you to produce your ID, just like any TV Licence Inspector can ask you to produce your licence, and even ask you to allow them to enter your home to check if you have a TV. You don't have to co-operate, but why wouldn't you? The only reason not to co-operate with a policeman doing his duty is if you have something to hide. how much effort does it take to say 'No problem, officer, here's my ID. No, no, thank you, and keep up the good work!'

Fucking retards. Complain when the police don't do their job, complain when they do. You should all just choke.

56 heads would have exploded today if i had the power. Count yourselves lucky.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Homeopathy proven bunk - no change expected

News from Altworld:

Well, a paper published in medical journal The Lancet (The Lancet, 2005, vol. 366, pp 726-732) has shown that the effect of homeopathy is compatible with the placebo effect and that the evidence for any specific effect of homeopathic remedies is weak. Now, if a conventional drug treatment was found to have no effect, it would immediately either be withdrawn by the FDA or investigated on the grounds of fraud. It may even lead to a class-action law suit. But what will happen to homeopathy? Exactly the same thing that has happened after every other paper showing that it is bunk - nothing. The altworlders will either:
  1. deny the paper exists
  2. make ad hominem attacks on the authors
  3. pretend that scientific methods like double-blind placebo controlled trials can't be applied to alternative medicine
  4. make ad hominem attacks on anyone who supports the paper
  5. divert attention to something else by lying about vaccinations, dental amalgams, cancer cures or aspartame.

What they absolutely will not do is admit that their multi-billion dollar worldwide enterprise is based on selling people very expensive placebos. And the people who believe in this stuff will continue to believe in it, rather than admit that they have been duped and are sitting around with egg on their faces.

In fact, because it's all placebo effect, it only works if you believe in it. If you don't feel the effects of homeopathy, you aren't a strong enough believer. Starting to sound a lot like faith healing, isn't it?


News from the Real World:

Zenstar has already summarized the entire weekend. All I can add is to ask the question 'are drivers in cape town getting worse?'

Seriously, two people this weekend tried to hit my car. And another one managed to hit my gran's car.

Idiot No 1 - so i'm driving down the M3 and i see this guy coming up the onramp like a bat out of hell. Sensing trouble, i slow down to let him merge ahead of me. He starts to merge and then... slows down. So i have to slow down even more to avoid hitting him, and then.... he slows down more! By this point he's running out of onramp and ends up on the verge, and i have to come to a full stop on the M3 so that this dumbass can merge. The other option was crashing into him. Fuck. He then proceded to weave about on the road and drive right up the ass of the person ahead of him. I lost him at a traffic light and was bitterly disappointed not to catch up with a flaming wreck on the side of the road.

Idiot No 2 - i'm at an intersection, turning right. Across the intersection, there's a lane turning left. The road we're both turning into has two lanes, and anyone who can drive knows that each side turns into the closest lane. No, not Idiot No 2. He decides he's going to change lanes in the middle of the intersection even though he can see me and then try to hit my car as i make a legal turn. And then, the coup de grace, he has the nerve to hoot at me. He then proceeds to drive at about 10 km/hr down the road.

Idiot No 3 - later that same day someone actually managed to hit my gran's car as they whimsically drove right across the face of oncoming traffic to get a parking space. An illegal parking space. And then said to her 'oh, but you had stopped'. Which she hadn't. But that's totally besides the point, as her status of stationary or moving makes no difference to the issue, being that he drove into her while executing an illegal maneouvre. dumbass.

I don't know why i'm surprised. It's estimated that 40% of drivers on south african roads do not have a licence. Again, i wish i had the power to explode people's heads at a distance. heads would be popping all over the damn place. I'd be followed by a trail of headless corpses everywhere i went. it would be great.

Friday, August 26, 2005

We Need a Healer!

Apparently Synkronos will be joining our Thursday game. Due to the rate at which we are chugging through healing potions, i dedicate this song to him:

Where have all the clerics gone and where are all the gods?
Where's the great white Palladin to fight the rising odds?
Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night we toss and we turn and we dream of what we need

We need a healer!
We're holding out for a healer till the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
and he's gotta be fast
and gotta be fresh from the fight
We need a healer!
We're holding out for a healer till the morning light
He's gotta be sure
and he's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life
We need a healer!

(Apologies to Bonnie Tyler)

Anyway, in other news Tom Cruise's PR people have released a statement that a spoof interview claiming cruise admitted he was happier in his previous lives was, in fact, a spoof. Interestingly enough, the original article cannot be found on the site it was first published. I wonder if the thetans zapped the website using their amazing powers? The webmaster obviously wasn't wearing his tinfoil hat.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Technical Writer my 4ss

Things have been a little busy around the office lately, so apologies for not posting yesterday.

I have to rant: the clients hired a Technical Writer to do a bunch of stuff for the project, including on last minute FAQ they didn't want to charge us for cos they didn't request it. But we still have to stick it on the site so they send it to us today. I take one look at this thing and go, OMG, WTF???
  1. Screenshots taken in wrong resolution (way bigger than optimal so pics at least 1/3 white space and teeny tiny buttons and tabs that can't be read)
  2. File size 1.5 MB!!! For a website popup FAQ!!! The ones I did are only a few hundred KB
  3. She obviously copied one of my files, cos the HTML page title still said 'About Buying Tickets' and hadn't been changed to 'About Logging In'.

Seriously, if this is your first big assignment with the new company, surely you'd try a little harder. In the end, i had to redo all the screenshots, compress everything for the web and rename the page title too. So really, i may as well just have done it myself. I was bitching about this and the boss MSNMed me 'That's why we love you :)' Heehee.

Haven't had any time to read IOL today or anything else for that matter. We had cake because it's someone's birthday. The work fridge has been restocked with booze, and it's friday tomorrow. All is good.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

caution - this blog contains opinions

Well, i clicked on an ad in schpat's blog and ended up registering my blog with blogexplosion (an online blog resource that lists blogs with descriptions and allows others to view/rate your blog etc. Schpat signed up and i rated his blog. Hi schpat :)

Anyway, this blog is currently in the review process, and i am expecting to be rejected on the grounds of:
  1. Profanity
  2. Offensive statements of a religious nature
  3. Overusing the word 'penis'

I will be quite surprised if their acceptance policy allows my blog in. We shall see.

Hmmm, i've also added a link to my old poetry corner at the CLAWs tiki. I'd forgotten about that. While you're there, check out the link to the Tao of MoonFlake if you haven't seen it. It's funny (at least, i think so). I used to add one every day but i got bored around 101 and decided that was enough. Also, there's a link to my old blog there if you haven't read it.

Remember young grasshoppers, rule 35: when one is driven to drink, one usually has to walk back.

Monday, August 22, 2005

It's a Conspiracy, I tell you

Well, IOL does not disappoint when it comes to penis stories. This week's offering: why SA men require larger condoms. Yes, it seems SA men have on average nearly 2cm extra to offer women than the rest of the world, and Durex SA has therefore released condoms in XL. Interesting.

As an aside, a search for 'penis' on IOL returns 486 results. In September, IOL will be 6 years old. That's about 1.5 penis-related stories a week. And people scoff at the 'weekly IOL penis story' conspiracy. It's all a plot to undermine morals in today's young, i tell you. Think of the children!!!

No! Not like that! That's not what i meant! Both hands above the desk now!!

Altworld - may contain nuts

Well, my sister is sinking deeper and deeper into altworld. Was chatting to my mom on the phone yesterday and it turns out she is now spurning red meat as well as wheat and dairy, because of self-diagnosed allergies. Apparently she's looking like a stick insect and is sick all the time. Right, must be healthier.

The problem with my sister is that she is exactly the kind of person who will start off with a gateway drug like reflexology and end up a full blown anti-vaccination liar spouting nonsense about how it's impossible to shake babies to death and that aspartame will give you gulf war syndrome, and by the way did you know that it's not necessary to prove medication either safe or effective before using it on someone and charging them money?

She plans to eventually become a homeopath, which is a great plan - i would also like to get a lot of money for prescribing people water. However, this might go the same way as her other plans, which if she had followed them right now she would be on a ship in the atlantic massaging rich ass, or have her own business. Instead, she is still doing her diploma in massage because, as usual, she failed to do her research properly before launching into something and discovered too late that she had to do a whole bunch of other courses before she could work internationally. This is just like the time she was supposedly told you didn't need biology to do physiotherapy at varsity and that physiology was acceptable (it just took me about 5 minutes on the uct website to discover that you need either physical science or biology, no mention of physiology). She then spent a year after varsity doing biology, and then decided she didn't actually want to do physiotherapy after all. At the moment, the plan is to go overseas with the boyfriend at the end of the year, but she's saved about 3 cents and hasn't done any research into what visas she'll need. At all.

I predict that at the end of the year, she'll still be here. Still living with her parents. Still without a decent job (she's working at a vet shop reciting verbatim the product marketing spiel that was taught to her by her boss, and will give a free performance at home with the least provocation). Possibly more naive than she currently is, but that might be difficult to pull off.

Anyway, in other minor news the housesitting is over and i'm back at home. Home is good.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

An important moment in the history of my blog

Caught on screenshot! Love it.

Jumping the couch

Well, Tom Cruise's antics on the Oprah show have spawned a new term: to jump the couch. Its that moment when you know that someone has completely lost their fragile connection to sanity.

Now, this is very obviously an extention of 'Jump the Shark', the definitive moment when a television show has hit its peak and it's all downhill from here baby. This originated from the episode of Happy Days where the Fonz jumps over a shark tank on waterskis, wearing swimming trunks and that leather jacket. That was the point where viewers knew that the show had been on the air for too long. Similar moments have been the downfall of other shows. For example, the X-Files utterly jumped the shark when Mulder left.

As far as Tom Cruise goes, i think he jumped the couch a long time ago when he joined the cult... i mean church of Scientology. Possibly not the point where he became a scientologist, because frankly everyone has the right to believe any nutty thing they like, including that by paying irrational amounts of money they will 'clear' their inner 'thetan' and release their 'superhuman abilities to control matter, energy, space and time'. Whatever gets you going.

No, the point of insanity is where Tom, and other scientologists, start telling people that psychiatry is nonsense, that they don't need therapy and definitely shouldn't take any kind of medication for a mental illness. Suicidal? Don't take anti-depressants or see a doctor! Come to Scientology, pay us some money, and we'll put you through something that is suspiciously like a therapy session but which we will vehemently deny is so. Oh, you killed yourself anyway? That's okay, you'll come back in your next life and we can try again. You might be reincarnated on another planet, but Scientology is everywhere.

I'm not kidding. Read about it here and make sure you read the part about Xenu. That's some good science fiction right there.

I really don't care that they believe this stuff. It's when they try and convince other people to avoid medical treatment (Cruise publicly blasted Brooke Shields for taking anti-depressants) that i think they've jumped the couch. It's even worse when someone uses their fame and influence to do it in front of the world media. It's just plain irresponsible to use your fame to advocate a course of action that could lead to people at best being permanently mentally fucked and at worst succumbing to depression and taking their own lives or the lives of others.

Scientology's problem with psychiatry and psychology strays from the usual alternative medicine claims of doctors being the pawns of pharmaceutical companies. For scientologists, the reason psychologists are so hated as because 75 million years ago they assisted Xenu in mass genocide, and according to Hubbard himself they "have been on the [time] track a long time and are the sole cause of decline in this universe" (Hubbard, HCO Bulletin, August 26, 1982).

No really. That's what they believe. They blame psychiatry for everything from the world wars to stalin to 9/11.

BTW i might get sued for this post because 'Scientology' is a trademark. And their scriptures are copyrighted and considered to be trade secrets. No, they're not a dangerously criminal organization posing as a church to avoid paying taxes! What kind of nonsense is that?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Right Wing Stuff

Against my better judgement, i clicked on one of Schpat's ads. Check out Right Wing Stuff. This site is so funny i'm amazed it's actually real.

Hmmm... let's see if this picture upload thing works.

Bwahahaha! That's some funny shit.

Privilege, not a right

Well, schpat has been ranting recently about a certain young girl who drowned her baby in a toilet and is now pregnant again. It's entirely likely that the child will be born while her mother is in jail and mercifully handed over to the state (although the foster care system is often no better than the home the children are removed from). Schpat made a comment that there should be some sort of control over who gets to be a parent, and i have to agree.

There are, without a doubt, people in this world who are not fit to be parents. They are either too young, too stupid, too criminal, too poor or too diseased to give a child a meaningful existance yet they refuse to practise contraception even when it is free and freely available. They will bring a child into a world where its only future is to be beaten, to starve, to be murdered by its own parents or to die at an early age after years of suffering with a disease that its parent gave it. People who cannot afford to feed even themselves keep on having babies, and when the babies die of malnutrition they just have more. The state rewards teenagers as young as 14 for having babies by giving them money. A young girl whose parents don't earn much can happily supplement their income by becoming a state funded baby factory.

it is amazing to me that impoverished third world countries are the ones that have the biggest population growth. Despite the incredibly high death rate due to famine, disease and malnutrition, the population continues to grow, showing that people are breeding faster than they can kill their children. And i can understand that perhaps they are too uneducated or unaware of the consequences to realise that they shouldn't be bringing children into a world where they can offer them nothing but misery. That's why governments should step in and do their jobs.

Yes, i'm all for licensed breeding. These would be the rules:

1. You may only breed if you are licensed to do so.
2. If you breed without a licence, you will be steralised, and your child given up for adoption.
3. Each person may be granted only one licence to breed in their life, man or woman. A married couple may thus be granted one licence each and have two children. In this way no one does more than replace themselves.
4. You have to be able to support a child to breed. This requires being employable. The minimum wage should thus be made sufficient to support one parent and one child.
5. You cannot obtain a licence to breed if you have a communicable disease or are a carrier of a disease that your child will be born with.
6. You cannot obtain a licence to breed if you are educationally or mentally subnormal.
7. You cannot obtain a licence to breed if you have not completed a course in baby and child care.
8. If you are eligable for a licence to breed and either (a) you are already sterile or (b) your child dies by causes outside of your control (e.g. accident, disease etc) you will be made eligable to adopt.
9. Contraception and family planning will be free and freely available.

This applies to both third and first world. Of course, it requires a certain amount of infrastructure from the government, but what the hell is all that taxpayer money and international lending all about if not to better the lives of people? And that includes the lives of people not yet born. If people cannot make responsible choices, someone else will have to make them on their behalf.

Go ahead. Complain about human rights. I will explain something to you: having a womb does not give you the right to breed, no more than having a fist gives me the right to smash it into your face.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

English as she is wrote

Well, not a whole lot to say today.

I found a brilliant English-AOLer translator online - it takes any passage of text and translates it into AOL-speek. You know, the kind of messages you get from aol users who go HOW CAN U TEL IM 13 YEARS OLD?!???!? WTF LOL U MUST B SYKIK!!!11!

In serious news, an asteroid with multiple moons has been discovered. Adding to this the recent discovery of the as-yet-unnamed Planet X, a supposed 'planet' orbiting within the Kuiper Belt (a second asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Neptune, whose most famous member is Pluto), this begs the question: when is an asteroid just an asteroid, and when is it a planet? Is there some arbitrary line in the sand drawn by astronomers? The existence of a moon or moons can't be it, as the above article shows. Nor can size, composition or proximity to an established asteroid belt be a consistent qualifier as this would rate Planet X and Pluto firmly in the asteroid category. In addition, while Pluto is technically labeled a planet by the IAU, most astronomers would disagree with this classification. O SchpatDope, please help us on this one.

Yes, Schpat, I'm leaving it to you to answer rather than doing so myself, as you are begging for questions and don't seem to have nearly enough hits on your page yet. Yes, there will be a test afterwards.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Leviticus: god's Bumper Book of Jokes

This is hilarious. I have to share it.

We all know that Leviticus is the chapter in the bible used to justify gay-hating by the church. Here's a few other things that Leviticus also says good christians should do, courtesy of Peter Bowditch:

"As examples, in Leviticus 20:13, God gets a bit more specific about what should happen to homosexuals when He says: "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them"; in 20:9 there is an instruction that children who curse their parents must be killed (in Deuteronomy 21:18-21, God goes a bit further and orders the death penalty for children who are just disobedient); in 11:6 we are told not to eat hares because they "cheweth the cud" (??); in 11:10 we are prohibited from eating oysters, prawns, lobsters and calamari; in 11:19 we are told not to eat bats (because they are birds!); in 15:19 we are instructed to quarantine menstruating women; in 19:19 we are told not to wear polyester and cotton blend shirts; in 19:27 men are instructed not to trim their beards; in 19:28 tattoos are prohibited; in 24:16 there are explicit instructions to kill blasphemers (including the method of killing); in 25:45-46 we can find the instructions on how to get and keep slaves; and let's not forget that women are only worth half as much as men (27:3-7). If you don't obey all these laws to the letter God will have some of your children eaten by your enemies (26:16), some eaten by wild animals (26:22), and you will have to eat the rest yourself (26:29). It's just as well that God only meant the parts about homosexuals being bad and was joking about the rest, isn't it?"

Leviticus is also the source of the Jehova's Witnesses' belief that you should not accept blood transfusions because it is an abomination to eat blood (17:10-14). Yes, somehow they make the leap that eating blood=blood transfusions (because of course that's what god must have meant all along). Genius.

Oh, and let's not forget that you can't eat four-legged insects (11:22-23). If you can find them, you can't eat them. Good luck.

For more insanity, check out the Skeptic's Annotated Bible.


Well, if that was dragonfire....

On friday night, after the family had left, we went up to UCT to catch the last few moments of the Munchkin tournament. Sat around chatting for a while and then realised how early we'd need to be up for registration the next day...

Got in reasonably early on Saturday. First things first ... spent some money on purchasing Tod McFarlane's Gretel from his Twisted Fairy Tales line. So nice. Shelagh then got me Miss Muffet as a thank you for having her... so sweet. She also got alex a giant plush microbe of Yeast. He was just too cute and became our mascot for the weekend.

First module up was Brendan's Cthulhu. Carnival madness ensued. Then we made the mistake of driving into claremont for lunch.... arg. Rugby traffic. You'd think it would be compulsory when building a stadium to build next door to it a parking garage able to handle as many cars as the stadium handles people.

Afternoon module was Hendri's Unknown Armies... more carnival silliness with Mike's clockwork clowns being decidedly freaky. Sunday morning we played Ian's GURPS module and Alex had way too much fun torturing NPCs with fishhooks.

Sunday afternoon i ran my Unisystem (AFMBE with a smattering of WitchCraft) module... seems like people enjoyed it but how can you possibly go wrong with Nazi Zombies in Scotland?

And just like that, it was over. Couldn't stay long at the afterparty because we had to pick up the dog from alex's sister, who was taking over our dogsitting duties for the day. Thurteem didn't win anything, but apparently we came second in pretty much everything. Oh well. I attribute a lot of it to the big downer of Stu not being there. We were also short one Jim. Thankfully Shelagh came down to lift our spirits, or it would have been just too depressing. But never mind, next year we will come back as the underdogs and we all know the underdogs always win :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Scientific proof that God exists!

Read here to find out why people who know a little science can sometimes be more dangerous than people who know no science at all. This person's lack of understanding of how relativity works is mind-boggling. In addition, i'd like to know how he got the datapoints from graph 1, for the x-values from 2005AD to 7000AD. It sounds like he must have found scientific proof of the existence of time travel too, and made his own time machine. Brilliant. This man should be given the Nobel Prize.

In other news, my evil rating has increased. Must be a function of linking to Zenstar's blog.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Can I have another cup of Hot Coffee?

Man, the GTA Hot coffee issue has really got around. When Penny Arcade and VG cats are doing comics about it and Zenstar is ranting about it, you know it's an issue.

Seriously, tho, what the hell is the big deal? So there's this game, right, already rated 17+ or Mature or whatever, that, if you actually go out of your way to download the patch and install it and presumably know how to do all of this, has some sex in it. This over and above the violence and crime. And people want to ban it? WTF?

If your under-17 year-old-child is playing a game rated for 17+, that is your fault as a parent. You either gave him the money to buy it, or bought it yourself, or are so lax on discipline that he knew he could sneak it past you. Take some fucking responsibility for the behaviour of your children.

In australia, this game has been banned entirely because they don't have an age restriction for a game higher than 15+. Seriously? To agree with Zenstar, get a real fucking rating system and then shut the fuck up.

In America, the average age of consent across all 50 states is 16 and in Hawaii it's 14, but the game is being upped to 18+??? So in the majority of US states, you can, in fact, have sex on your console, just not on your console. Of course, you also have to be 18 to enter most porn sites in the states... so you can record yourself having sex, you just can't watch it. Brilliant.

I'm not sure what the take on this is in SA, but they've already proven with the Fantastic Four that age restrictions in this country mean sweet fuck all. I may have mentioned this before, but when F4 came out it was PG13 and so many cinemas complained that they weren't making money of the kids that the Board that decides these restrictions dropped it to PG10. Now that says either (a) the board's opinion on your child's mental health and well-being can be bought, or (b) they fucked it up the first time and don't really know what they're talking about anyway, and probably pull the age restrictions out of a hat.

World famous in America

Ok, here's an example of the standard of english empoyed by south african journalists:

Pisa is synonymous with the leaning tower known worldwide by virtually every schoolchild in Japan, America and Europe but the Italian city has much more to offer.

Known worldwide in Japan, America and Europe, eh? Fancy that.

Also, here is why i will never fly SAA - less than a week after their strike strands people worldwide (and by that i don't just mean in America, Japan and Europe) they pull a stupid-ass stunt like that. Idiots. They are going to lose *so* much business over this.

Mmmm...schpat is bringing lamb chops and potatoes tonight for supper ... mash and gravy. I just can't wait. There's something so deeply satisfying about mash and gravy and meat. Wow.