Monday, August 22, 2005

Altworld - may contain nuts

Well, my sister is sinking deeper and deeper into altworld. Was chatting to my mom on the phone yesterday and it turns out she is now spurning red meat as well as wheat and dairy, because of self-diagnosed allergies. Apparently she's looking like a stick insect and is sick all the time. Right, must be healthier.

The problem with my sister is that she is exactly the kind of person who will start off with a gateway drug like reflexology and end up a full blown anti-vaccination liar spouting nonsense about how it's impossible to shake babies to death and that aspartame will give you gulf war syndrome, and by the way did you know that it's not necessary to prove medication either safe or effective before using it on someone and charging them money?

She plans to eventually become a homeopath, which is a great plan - i would also like to get a lot of money for prescribing people water. However, this might go the same way as her other plans, which if she had followed them right now she would be on a ship in the atlantic massaging rich ass, or have her own business. Instead, she is still doing her diploma in massage because, as usual, she failed to do her research properly before launching into something and discovered too late that she had to do a whole bunch of other courses before she could work internationally. This is just like the time she was supposedly told you didn't need biology to do physiotherapy at varsity and that physiology was acceptable (it just took me about 5 minutes on the uct website to discover that you need either physical science or biology, no mention of physiology). She then spent a year after varsity doing biology, and then decided she didn't actually want to do physiotherapy after all. At the moment, the plan is to go overseas with the boyfriend at the end of the year, but she's saved about 3 cents and hasn't done any research into what visas she'll need. At all.

I predict that at the end of the year, she'll still be here. Still living with her parents. Still without a decent job (she's working at a vet shop reciting verbatim the product marketing spiel that was taught to her by her boss, and will give a free performance at home with the least provocation). Possibly more naive than she currently is, but that might be difficult to pull off.

Anyway, in other minor news the housesitting is over and i'm back at home. Home is good.


Blogger schpat said...

Hey, I went into a vet shop on the weekend, wow, talk about hard sell!

But I do see an opportunity for you sister, pet homeopathy!

Think about it!

August 22, 2005 6:31 PM  
Blogger zenstar said...

you forgot to mention that we still got fleas from the dog... the same dog your sister is looking after and is plying with her anti-flea knowledge that she picked up from the vet shop (which is obviously a load of crap since the dog still has enough fleas to spread around)

August 23, 2005 10:16 AM  
Anonymous Bast said...


Someone else who _knows_ that homeopathy consists of water and the placebo effect!
I'm really tired of people extolling the virtues of rescue remedy to me. You could have three whiskey and soda's for the same price and effect!
BTW schpat, you do know that such things as pet homeopathists do actually exist?

August 26, 2005 4:09 PM  

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