Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Well, if that was dragonfire....

On friday night, after the family had left, we went up to UCT to catch the last few moments of the Munchkin tournament. Sat around chatting for a while and then realised how early we'd need to be up for registration the next day...

Got in reasonably early on Saturday. First things first ... spent some money on purchasing Tod McFarlane's Gretel from his Twisted Fairy Tales line. So nice. Shelagh then got me Miss Muffet as a thank you for having her... so sweet. She also got alex a giant plush microbe of Yeast. He was just too cute and became our mascot for the weekend.

First module up was Brendan's Cthulhu. Carnival madness ensued. Then we made the mistake of driving into claremont for lunch.... arg. Rugby traffic. You'd think it would be compulsory when building a stadium to build next door to it a parking garage able to handle as many cars as the stadium handles people.

Afternoon module was Hendri's Unknown Armies... more carnival silliness with Mike's clockwork clowns being decidedly freaky. Sunday morning we played Ian's GURPS module and Alex had way too much fun torturing NPCs with fishhooks.

Sunday afternoon i ran my Unisystem (AFMBE with a smattering of WitchCraft) module... seems like people enjoyed it but how can you possibly go wrong with Nazi Zombies in Scotland?

And just like that, it was over. Couldn't stay long at the afterparty because we had to pick up the dog from alex's sister, who was taking over our dogsitting duties for the day. Thurteem didn't win anything, but apparently we came second in pretty much everything. Oh well. I attribute a lot of it to the big downer of Stu not being there. We were also short one Jim. Thankfully Shelagh came down to lift our spirits, or it would have been just too depressing. But never mind, next year we will come back as the underdogs and we all know the underdogs always win :)


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