Thursday, August 11, 2005

English as she is wrote

Well, not a whole lot to say today.

I found a brilliant English-AOLer translator online - it takes any passage of text and translates it into AOL-speek. You know, the kind of messages you get from aol users who go HOW CAN U TEL IM 13 YEARS OLD?!???!? WTF LOL U MUST B SYKIK!!!11!

In serious news, an asteroid with multiple moons has been discovered. Adding to this the recent discovery of the as-yet-unnamed Planet X, a supposed 'planet' orbiting within the Kuiper Belt (a second asteroid belt beyond the orbit of Neptune, whose most famous member is Pluto), this begs the question: when is an asteroid just an asteroid, and when is it a planet? Is there some arbitrary line in the sand drawn by astronomers? The existence of a moon or moons can't be it, as the above article shows. Nor can size, composition or proximity to an established asteroid belt be a consistent qualifier as this would rate Planet X and Pluto firmly in the asteroid category. In addition, while Pluto is technically labeled a planet by the IAU, most astronomers would disagree with this classification. O SchpatDope, please help us on this one.

Yes, Schpat, I'm leaving it to you to answer rather than doing so myself, as you are begging for questions and don't seem to have nearly enough hits on your page yet. Yes, there will be a test afterwards.


Blogger schpat said...

oh, you just wait. I'll dope the ass outta that question!

August 11, 2005 5:51 PM  

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