Monday, August 29, 2005

Homeopathy proven bunk - no change expected

News from Altworld:

Well, a paper published in medical journal The Lancet (The Lancet, 2005, vol. 366, pp 726-732) has shown that the effect of homeopathy is compatible with the placebo effect and that the evidence for any specific effect of homeopathic remedies is weak. Now, if a conventional drug treatment was found to have no effect, it would immediately either be withdrawn by the FDA or investigated on the grounds of fraud. It may even lead to a class-action law suit. But what will happen to homeopathy? Exactly the same thing that has happened after every other paper showing that it is bunk - nothing. The altworlders will either:
  1. deny the paper exists
  2. make ad hominem attacks on the authors
  3. pretend that scientific methods like double-blind placebo controlled trials can't be applied to alternative medicine
  4. make ad hominem attacks on anyone who supports the paper
  5. divert attention to something else by lying about vaccinations, dental amalgams, cancer cures or aspartame.

What they absolutely will not do is admit that their multi-billion dollar worldwide enterprise is based on selling people very expensive placebos. And the people who believe in this stuff will continue to believe in it, rather than admit that they have been duped and are sitting around with egg on their faces.

In fact, because it's all placebo effect, it only works if you believe in it. If you don't feel the effects of homeopathy, you aren't a strong enough believer. Starting to sound a lot like faith healing, isn't it?


News from the Real World:

Zenstar has already summarized the entire weekend. All I can add is to ask the question 'are drivers in cape town getting worse?'

Seriously, two people this weekend tried to hit my car. And another one managed to hit my gran's car.

Idiot No 1 - so i'm driving down the M3 and i see this guy coming up the onramp like a bat out of hell. Sensing trouble, i slow down to let him merge ahead of me. He starts to merge and then... slows down. So i have to slow down even more to avoid hitting him, and then.... he slows down more! By this point he's running out of onramp and ends up on the verge, and i have to come to a full stop on the M3 so that this dumbass can merge. The other option was crashing into him. Fuck. He then proceded to weave about on the road and drive right up the ass of the person ahead of him. I lost him at a traffic light and was bitterly disappointed not to catch up with a flaming wreck on the side of the road.

Idiot No 2 - i'm at an intersection, turning right. Across the intersection, there's a lane turning left. The road we're both turning into has two lanes, and anyone who can drive knows that each side turns into the closest lane. No, not Idiot No 2. He decides he's going to change lanes in the middle of the intersection even though he can see me and then try to hit my car as i make a legal turn. And then, the coup de grace, he has the nerve to hoot at me. He then proceeds to drive at about 10 km/hr down the road.

Idiot No 3 - later that same day someone actually managed to hit my gran's car as they whimsically drove right across the face of oncoming traffic to get a parking space. An illegal parking space. And then said to her 'oh, but you had stopped'. Which she hadn't. But that's totally besides the point, as her status of stationary or moving makes no difference to the issue, being that he drove into her while executing an illegal maneouvre. dumbass.

I don't know why i'm surprised. It's estimated that 40% of drivers on south african roads do not have a licence. Again, i wish i had the power to explode people's heads at a distance. heads would be popping all over the damn place. I'd be followed by a trail of headless corpses everywhere i went. it would be great.


Blogger Synkronos said...

Yeah, this weekend was particularly bad for driving, it seems. I had to go through the rugby traffic at one point, and I'm stopped at the robots at Dean Street, going along Main Rd. So the lights go green and, as some of you might expect, I pull off. The stupid bitch on the other side of the robots decides that it's alright for her to turn right. Across traffic. Where traffic = me and a whole bunch of other rugby watchers. Brake screeching ensued, and at least I had the satisfaction of seeing her face. I think she needed to go lie down for a bit somewhere.

August 30, 2005 11:39 AM  
Blogger totalwaste said...

and where *I* come from, drivers are really bad. so bad that ct driving is a pleasure when i'm on holidays. when you get that head-exploding thing sorted out, tell me how.

September 02, 2005 10:33 PM  
Anonymous babaycid said...

I prefer what Lucas came up with. Everyone should take a human decency exam. Those who fail get a chip implanted in their heads. Those that pass get a remote.


September 06, 2005 7:46 AM  

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