Monday, August 22, 2005

It's a Conspiracy, I tell you

Well, IOL does not disappoint when it comes to penis stories. This week's offering: why SA men require larger condoms. Yes, it seems SA men have on average nearly 2cm extra to offer women than the rest of the world, and Durex SA has therefore released condoms in XL. Interesting.

As an aside, a search for 'penis' on IOL returns 486 results. In September, IOL will be 6 years old. That's about 1.5 penis-related stories a week. And people scoff at the 'weekly IOL penis story' conspiracy. It's all a plot to undermine morals in today's young, i tell you. Think of the children!!!

No! Not like that! That's not what i meant! Both hands above the desk now!!


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