Wednesday, August 31, 2005

splitting hairs

ok, since nothing much interesting is happening, i will use today's post to restate my point:

people demand that the police do more to catch criminals, and then complain about it when it inconveniences them. This makes them hypocrites. If you want to argue with that, i'm not interested in hearing it.

No, i don't necessarily agree with the method the police used, but i believe the intent had merit and spot checks should continue to be performed, if by another method more in keeping with people's civil liberties. However, in support of my original point, i believe that even if they had gone about it in a polite and restrained way, people would still have bitched. You can believe what you like.

Yes, i have nothing to hide from the police, and should i be asked for my driver's licence or id i would produce it quite voluntarily. Should i, as a consequence, be charged with some misdemeanour that i have committed, i would accept the consequences. the reason is, i want the police to do a better job. If the trade off for not getting raped in my own home is getting slapped with a fine and a criminal record for things i myself am guilty of, that's a trade i will happily make. I wouldn't trade getting ass-raped in jail for getting ass-raped at home, but then again that is why i would never commit a felony, so it's a moot point. yes, in the statement of 'i have never committed a crime' what i really should have said was 'i have never committed a felony'. misdemeanours are not worth hiding, as i'm sure the penalty for evading arrest is worse than the penalty for the misdemeanour. To clarify: I have nothing to hide that's worth hiding.

No, i am not going to turn myself in for committing a misdemeanour. I am calling for the police to do their job better, not volunteering to do their job for them. however, if in the process of them doing their job better i am found guilty of a misdemeanour, i would not whine like a little bitch because i got what i asked for.


back in the real world, where the police don't do their job and i am still a free woman, the flat two doors away got broken into at the weekend, again. A window was broken with a brick and they climbed in. In response, i'm going to have to put burglar bars on my windows, and still feel unsafe. Joy.

Roleplaying last night was great fun. So was the chatting. And the food. Thanks again to schpat for providing :)

Oh, and i came up with a solution to problem that got described as 'elegant'. Sweet.


Blogger Synkronos said...

Misdemeanors mean nothing to me. In fact, I have little to no respect for the actual law. I live by my own personal code, which I hold in far higher esteem than anything a random group of people who have been dead for fucking decades decided was a good thing. Fuck the law ;) However, I feel that my personal code covers everything that non-petty people care about.

I'm sure you remember ages ago when that cat burglar was roaming around the Rosebank/Rondebosch areas, and we got robbed. On the 5th floor, ffs! And that was while we were in the house. I'm very glad the bedroom door was closed and he just went into the spare room. Anyway, the point is that still to this day I am _exceptionally_ jumpy when I'm in bed and I hear noises, even though I mentally _know_ it's the cats or the wind or whatever. Like, cold sweats type thing. And I am 100% aware that it is not somebody breaking into my house, because I can run through all of the entry points and imagine the noises they would make. That door squeaks like that, I didn't hear anything like that. The security gate is _fucking_ noisy, so no to that either. etc etc. But it still freaks me out, on a visceral, not-to-be-reasoned-with level.

August 31, 2005 4:58 PM  
Blogger schpat said...

This is fun, check out my response my response. It's a decent discussion, I'm enjoying it.


The word verification for this post was "obzgnu". pretty cool huh?

August 31, 2005 6:29 PM  

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