Thursday, August 25, 2005

Technical Writer my 4ss

Things have been a little busy around the office lately, so apologies for not posting yesterday.

I have to rant: the clients hired a Technical Writer to do a bunch of stuff for the project, including on last minute FAQ they didn't want to charge us for cos they didn't request it. But we still have to stick it on the site so they send it to us today. I take one look at this thing and go, OMG, WTF???
  1. Screenshots taken in wrong resolution (way bigger than optimal so pics at least 1/3 white space and teeny tiny buttons and tabs that can't be read)
  2. File size 1.5 MB!!! For a website popup FAQ!!! The ones I did are only a few hundred KB
  3. She obviously copied one of my files, cos the HTML page title still said 'About Buying Tickets' and hadn't been changed to 'About Logging In'.

Seriously, if this is your first big assignment with the new company, surely you'd try a little harder. In the end, i had to redo all the screenshots, compress everything for the web and rename the page title too. So really, i may as well just have done it myself. I was bitching about this and the boss MSNMed me 'That's why we love you :)' Heehee.

Haven't had any time to read IOL today or anything else for that matter. We had cake because it's someone's birthday. The work fridge has been restocked with booze, and it's friday tomorrow. All is good.


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