Tuesday, August 02, 2005

World famous in America

Ok, here's an example of the standard of english empoyed by south african journalists:

Pisa is synonymous with the leaning tower known worldwide by virtually every schoolchild in Japan, America and Europe but the Italian city has much more to offer.

Known worldwide in Japan, America and Europe, eh? Fancy that.

Also, here is why i will never fly SAA - less than a week after their strike strands people worldwide (and by that i don't just mean in America, Japan and Europe) they pull a stupid-ass stunt like that. Idiots. They are going to lose *so* much business over this.

Mmmm...schpat is bringing lamb chops and potatoes tonight for supper ... mash and gravy. I just can't wait. There's something so deeply satisfying about mash and gravy and meat. Wow.


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