Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Midweek Cockoo: Prophet Yahweh

I would be inclined to say he's taking the piss, but Ramon Watkins has actually legally changed his name to Prophet Yahweh. He has documents to prove it.

The Great Prophet Yahweh has the divine power (via the Hebrew Old Testament) to call down UFOs at will. He has accepted James Randi's Million Dollar Challenge and will be proving his power before an audience of skeptics, in a mutually agreed manner, in January 2006 in Las Vegas. In his own words:

I, Prophet Yahweh, have been blessed to discover the lost, ancient art of summoning UFOs and spaceships on-demand.There is a difference between UFOs and spaceships. UFOs are usually small flying objects: glowing orbs, metallic spheres, satellite-type flying machines, etc.And, their flight patterns suggest that they are not of this world.But, spaceships are large futuristic vehicles that are clearly designed to carry passengers, in like you see in the movies.Since 1979, more than 1,500 UFOs and/or spaceships have appeared on my signal before witnesses or at unawares.

Sounds like an impressive track record. At first, Prophet Yahweh kept this to himself and a few friends, but now he says the voice in his head has told him to go public. I'm not kidding. His words, not mine.

I've watched one of the videos on his site and to me, it just looks like a balloon. Let me know if it looks convincing to you, but one way or another we'll find out in january. I think it's amusing that his Vegas sightings have a tendency to go over Nellis Air Force Base. When a news presenter called Nellis to see if they had any idea what it was, they didn't call back.


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