Monday, October 03, 2005

A Sad Day for Altworld

Well, the Nobel Prize in Medicine has once again been awarded to serious scientists willing to conduct arduous and repetitive tests under strict conditions, and submit their findings to peer review journals to prove their claims beyond a shadow of a doubt.

When, oh when, will homeopathy be recognized by the imminent Swedes? When will they honor the pioneers who discovered that vaccines cause autism? That aspartame is the culprit behind Gulf War Syndrome? When will not-a-medical-Dr Hulda Clark be awarded for her discovery that all cancer is caused by the common intestinal fluke?

Oh, this is a sad, sad day for alternative medicine.

On a related note, remember last week I said that 80% of people in South Africa consult traditional healers before going to a real doctor? Well, now you can read all about the consequences of this. A young woman, who was obviously psychologically troubled, was beaten to death during an 'exorcism', while her family was just inside the house, listening to her cries. Because a traditional healer told them not to pity her, and that the beating would not hurt her.

I would like to highlight one passage in the article:

"We have been to spiritual healers from all religions. My child was suffering, I could not just stand by and watch her suffer," Shireen said. "We were desperate and we took any kind of help we could get."

But, amazingly, not desperate enough to consult a psychologist.

Police have opened a docket of murder. If you ask me, the family should be charged as accessories. They had every opportunity to avoid this by taking her to a real doctor. But instead, they delivered her right into the hands of her murderers, and stood by while she was brutally, fatally beaten. They may as well have killed her themselves.


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