Monday, October 24, 2005


Well, we worked a full day on Saturday, and then we had to come in early this morning to deploy before our usual monday morning meeting. Combined with staying up til 3am on saturday playing WoW, i'm pretty tired.

In the news today, ambulance drivers are threatening not to respond to calls in certain areas because they are violently attacked, mugged, or shot at while attempting to save people's lives. This isn't the first i've heard of it, either. I know a guy who works as a paramedic and fireman in Joburg, and some of the stories he has to tell are scary. Going in to fight a shack fire in Alexandria and being mugged at knife point; going in to collect a patient in Hillbrow and having to wear a bulletproof vest because you're being shot at. Baragwanath Hospital has security gates and guards at the entrance to the trauma unit, because of the proliferation of people coming in to finish the job of murder they started. There have been instances where bullets have been flying in the emergency ward because some gang member had decided that there is no try, there is only do. No wonder 50% of our graduating doctors flee the country to work somewhere where saving the lives of strangers won't get you killed.

Shocking. Anyway, i gotta get back to work now.


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