Thursday, December 15, 2005

Balloon Juice

Apparently gay is as addictive as smoking. Fast action is required before we all catch the 'gay'. I'm probably more worried about stupid being catching.

Today i read a blog for no better reason than the catchline (so i guess it did its job). I don't really find politicoblogs that interesting (along with mommy blogs and diet blogs) but this was enough for me to at least glance at it: Oliver Willis: Like Kryptonite to Stupid.

Oh, and we're used to porn stars getting religion. Jenna Jameson has gone one step further and got politics. She's taking on The Man (not like that) in an effort to quash some very stupid laws about how close dancers can get to the patrons at a strip club. Can you imagine it - no more lapdances, no more tucking that sweaty dollar bill into a thong, and a four-foot barrier between you and the lovely ladies. What exactly is the point then?


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