Thursday, December 15, 2005

Feed me

ok, i have discovered the miracle of rss forward. It is the simplest thing in the world. Go to the site. Enter the URL of a blog you want to keep tabs on. If it has a feed, you will be shown a sample of the feed and you can enter an email address to send it to. viola. done. you will now have any updates made to that site forwarded to the email address. although i suspect it doesn't work for comments.

This is how simple it is to keep an eye on blogs that don't update on a regular basis. I love it.

I tried Google Reader too, but you actually have to open it to check for changes, so i decided that sucked. I'm amazed that they don't have an option to forward to a gmail account, but then again it is only in beta.


Blogger d@vid said...

RSSFWD is da bomb - it won't automatically work for comments, but you can subscribe to comment feeds (e.g. as appear on WordPress blogs)

comments don't have feeds on blogspot (bleh), so no use there

comments aren't well-supported by feeds in general, I've come across only one feedreader that actually recognised them, and one feed that I subscribed to that actually published them

and it was a Microsoft team feed

there's a GMail feed thing; it hasn't appeared on my account yet (!), but Norman has it - it shows as a ticker, though, not a real feed

cool thing that is so new I haven't'd it yet: see what bloggers have to say about a particular web page (in firefox)...

December 15, 2005 12:57 PM  

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