Thursday, December 08, 2005


I've suddenly got a little spare time on my hands today, and i've been poking around the interweb. Here are some interesting links:

Virgin Galactic Official Website - I've been saying for years and years that space travel would never get off the ground, so to speak, if left to the government. Frankly, there's no significant motivation for funding, and any time there's some miniscule hint of a country the size of Rhode Island maybe having Weapons of Mass Destruction, the budget will get cut in favour of blowing people up. But private industry... that's where we should look for real change. Because going to space is something that's been in the human dream ever since John F. Kennedy decided that those damn ruskis wouldn't beat the americans into space. Jules Verne probably thought of it first, but it was only during the space race that it really caught the imagination of John Q Public. And eventually, eventually, there would come a person, or group of people, with the right combination of ambition, talent and cold hard cash to make the dream true. Paul G. Allen, Burt Rutan, Richard Branson... you are those people. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Apocrypha - holy crap, how could i go 25 years without knowing that the catholic bible had 7 more chapters than the protestant bible! And extra bits in two other chapters. Did they just randomly add these to be different? No, in fact it appears that the original bible of the Apostles contained these chapters, and they were considered doctrine for centuries, only removed by protestants because they didn't fit with certain protestant viewpoints. These are the chapters that deal heavily with things like the Dead, Angels, and Saints. The only protestant faith that still uses them regularly is the Anglicans, who are so close to catholics all they need is a pope. I always wondered where all that angel mythology came from!
Interestingly enough, these have also been dropped out of the Hebrew bible, not because they are not considered doctrine but because when they were translated to Latin the translater decided he didn't want to include them. They're in the originals, though.
So much for the Bible being perfect and uncorruptible. I'd love to throw these facts in the face of my high school bible ed teacher, who believed that the bible had remained unchanged since day 1 and that this was evidence enough for it being perfectly true. - website/ blog of an associate professor of biology at University of Minnesota, Morris. Entertaining, educational, and fighting the good fight against pseudoscience.


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