Thursday, December 08, 2005

Midweek Cuckoo: Jack T Chick

Thanks to d2 I have a great one for you today: Evangelical Artist Jack T. Chick, who will save your soul through his cartoon tracts. Or at least give you a good laugh.

Jack Thomas Chick is a fundamentalist christian who uses his artistic ability (such as it is) to publish cartoons informally known as Chick Tracts, with the purpose of winning over the sinners to Jesus, and telling people the truth about the world. He's taken on many subjects from Dungeons and Dragons (a front for evil satanic witches) to Homosexuality (they all have devils riding around on their shoulders, those evil fags) to Islam (all a catholic plot to get Jerusalem at wholesale prices). His attempts to discredit evolution range from the 'Calling God a Liar' chestnut to what amounts to outright lying of his own.

But he's only getting started with these appetizers - the real meal is the catholic church. Originally Satan appeared in his cartoons as a man in a business suit... eventually he appeared as the Pope. He refers to the bread of life as the death cookie, and really it's all a plot of Satan's, yet again. The catholic church just loves Jack.

He's also taken on Jews, Mormons, Masons, Jehovah's Witnesses and the American School System, all of whom are naturally either fronts for Satan or the Catholic Church.

The thing about this guy that makes him a real kook is not so much the obsession with fundamentalist christianity, but more so the bizarre conspiracy theories about everything and everyone else. That and the fact that his cartoons don't appear to reflect any kind of real world situation, unless everyone except christians are either blithering idiots or spittle-flecked maniacs. But that's life according to Jack.

You can check out a really comprehensive collection of his tracts here.


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