Monday, January 30, 2006

Headless Chickens

There is no doubt that the majority of south africans still run their lives on the basis of superstition and belief in magic. This becomes blatantly obvious when police buildings are 'cleansed' by the ritualistic slaughtering of chickens and goats. Yes indeed, in an officially sanctioned event, animals were slaughtered by sangoma to drive 'evil spirits' out of the Serious and Violent Crimes Unit's new Nyanga offices. Can you imagine if that happened in the US? PETA would have been all over it, questions of religious freedom aside.

And really, since when is religious freedom a 'get out of jail free' card to do whatever weirdass crap you feel like? Can a satanist claim that it's their religious custom to slaughter a virgin girl in order to consecrate their new office building? Whether it's animals or people, surely violence in the name of magic is no way to consecrate a building meant to house seekers of truth and punishers of violence? And since this was obviously requested by members of the police force, you're left wondering about what an episode of CSI would look like in south africa:

Thabo can't work out who the killer is so he consults his sangoma, who suggests he slaughter a goat and pray to his ancestors for guidance. Meanwhile, Mpho checks the suspect's horoscope to work out where he's going to be next...

Yeah, i'm sure it would be a hit show. It's got Emmy written all over it.


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