Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stupidity: Shocking

I don't know if this happens anywhere else in the world, but in South Africa we have a problem with thieves stealing copper cabling from just about every source of electrical wiring there is. I was once on a train to Jo'burg that had to stop in the middle of the Karoo desert because a section of the train's electrical cabling had been stolen. In the middle of the desert. We had to wait for a service train to reach us and pump the engine with enough diesel so it could power itself over the gap to the next node that had electricity. Did i mention this was in the middle of the desert?

Anyway, some copper wire thieves got their just desserts recently. Who said stupid doesn't hurt?

And speaking of stealing things: my car was in the garage to have a couple of niggly things fixed yesterday. They closed at 5pm and I don't generally leave work until after 6, so I had to leave the car overnight. This morning i arrive to pick it up, and as i drive away the left rear wheel starts making a horrendous noise. After a short while the guy i give a lift to jumps out to see where the noise is coming from and tells me the wheel is wobbling. We stop the car and walk back to the garage.

Now, they weren't doing anything anywhere near the wheel, so i doubt it's their problem. But nevertheless the mechanic walks with me to the car, only to discover the wheel was so loose it was literally about to fall off. I had to walk down the road to fetch two of the nuts that had already come out on my short and dangerous journey. The mechanics swear they didn't touch that wheel, and i believe them, i have used this garage many times before and they are trustworthy.

Now, the only plausible explanation is that someone was trying to steal the wheel off my car and got disturbed in the process, leaving the nuts loose. It's not unlikely; the mechanic tells me that they once found a car around the corner sitting on four bricks, where the previous day there had been four wheels. Welcome to Africa. Next time i have to leave the car overnight, i'm asking them to put it in the yard.

(By the way, this is why I need the power to explode heads. Can you imagine, some guy is walking down the road in the middle of the night with a tyre iron, looking for some good tyres, and his head explodes? That's justice right there)

Oh, and if laughing at stupid people doesn't give you enough facial exercise, try this device out. Looks uncomfortable.


In the last week I have received two very nice emails from people overseas who read this blog, both coincidentally involved in HIV research. People out there in the ether are reading my little words and being entertained! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


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