Thursday, February 02, 2006

2003 UB313 in the House of STFU

New results have shown that the diameter of Kuiper belt object 2003 UB313 is greater than that of Pluto. In fact it's nearly as big as the moon. Not surprisingly it was real scientists and not astrologers who have brought us this new information. I can guarantee you won't be seeing 2003 UB313 in your horoscope any time soon.

In other breaking news, other real scientists have succeeded in creating an Avian Flu vaccine that is 100% effective in animal studies. I'm waiting to see what the reaction to this is amonst the anti-vaccination movement in altworld. 'What?' you say, 'there are people opposed to vaccinations?' Amazingly yes. There are groups of people who are thoroughly invested in preventing routine vaccination of both children and adults, based mostly on misinformation, ignorance and blatant stupidity. It ranges from the old chestnuts of 'mercury in our vaccines' and 'vaccines cause autism' to 'vaccines are a plot by the white man to kill africans'. These are universally bogus. In addition they tend to outright lie by saying that the diseases we are vaccinated against are 'harmless', making statements like 'no one has died from polio in the united states for decades'. Gee, i wonder why. Because they vaccinate against it!

And lastly, this is what happens to anti-retrovirals in africa: the government steals them.


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