Thursday, February 09, 2006

Quackery is Thriving in Tijuana, Mexico

Coretta Scott King was an incredible woman, and the widow of an incredible man. So it is only fitting that her death, like her life, should help to expose injustice. Mrs King did not die peacefully at home in bed, or in a hospital surrounded by doctors trying to save her life. She died in a quack cancer clinic in Tijuana, Mexica, run by a known fraud. That a woman who showed such strength during her life could succumb to fraudsters at the end of it, only shows how desperation can affect even the best of us and cloud our judgment.

The good to come out of this is that the clinic's operator has been exposed to world attention, and his clinic has been shut down by Mexican authorities (who are being tight-lipped about why but motivations should be obvious). Unfortunately for some, it is too little, too late. There are at least 35 other opportunistic clinics in the border town of Tijuana, offering fake cures and alternative treatments for everything from cancer to AIDS. They operate in Mexico, right on the border of the United States, because most of them use methods and drugs that are not approved in the US. Among them is the clinic of not-a-medical-Dr. Hulda Clark (I've blogged about her before). According to the ABC news link above, Hulda's Tijuana clinic was closed in 2001 for operating without a licence. Interesting then that on Hulda's own site, she lists her clinic as being in California, but both the phone and fax numbers are Tijuana numbers. Either that's the most pointless automated redirect I've ever seen, or Dr. Clark is still operating in Tijuana. She certainly can't have her offices at the California address, because it's a private mail box at a packaging and shipping service store called The Mail Room! This is a trick she learnt from her spokesman, Tim Bolen. His 'office' is also a mail box. Must be cramped in there.

These clinics and the people who run them exist only to sucker the last few dollars out of the desperate and dying. That it takes the death of someone as famous as Mrs King to bring this to the attention of the media is a disgrace. Many more have died after foregoing conventional treatment and packing their bags for Tijuana, but nothing is said of them.

For my local readers: the following practitioners are voluntarily listed on Hulda Clark's website as using her treatments on their patients. Do NOT, under any circumstances, believe them when they say they can cure cancer. They claim it's caused by an 'intestinal fluke' which can be zapped with electricity! Don't waste your money and your life on people who are at best fatally misinformed and at worst, outright charlatans.

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Blogger totalwaste said...

honestly, anyone who, in this day and age, can believe that it's an intestinal fluke or that it can be cured by electricity, DESERVES to be naturally deselected by these assholes. honestly, that's just absurd.

February 09, 2006 6:56 PM  

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