Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Power Play

Thanks to schpat, we have the dope on the supposed 'sabotage' at the Koeberg nuclear power plant. Now that the elections have been and gone, and the ANC are no longer at any kind of risk from backlash over their pathetic power management policies, Minister of Trade and Industry Alec Erwin is now denying he used the term sabotage.

Here's the article that quoted him as saying "Let me be very clear on this. The bolt that caused the generator's destruction did not get there by accident." That was published on February 28.

Now, several days later and with the elections behind him, Erwin is saying "I did not use the term sabotage."

Very interesting then, that TV cameras apparently have him saying quite clearly, "It is sabotage."

This reminds me of the time E-TV accused government mouthpiece SABC of not showing a crowd, who supported axed deputy president Jacob Zuma, booing newly appointed deputy president Phumzile Mlambo-Nguka off the stage, because it made her look unpopular. SABC retorted that they had not been able to get their cameraman there in time. E-TV responded with footage of their cameraman, filming the event. Enough said. People in the ruling party seem not to understand that tv cameras do actually capture their images and can be used to prove that they said things they claim not to. Maybe Erwin should ask his local witchdocter for stronger muti to stop the cameras seeing him, i don't think it worked this time.

Not that i'm surprised, of course. The announcement of sabotage without reinforcement of either evidence or arrests was immediately fishy. The fact that the ruling party has now practically admitted that it had no proof and no intent to arrest anyone only shows what a desperate, eleventh-hour attempt it was. The sad thing is, it was totally unnecessary. Are they really so out of touch with reality that they haven't noticed their supporters are not going to just stop supporting them for such fickle complaints like lack of service delivery? I mean, when has this changed voters' minds in the past?


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