Friday, April 28, 2006

And in local news....

News from the Zuma trial: Closing arguments began this week as the trial winds down. The prosecution weighs in with questions regarding why Zuma would have unprotected sex with someone he knew was HIV positive, why he refuses to disclose his HIV status to the court, why he had in his possession herbs for treating HIV if he does not have it, why he lied about where the 'event' took place, why he claims that by wearing a skirt she was asking for it, why he claims that if she had wanted sex and he hadn't given it to her she would have accused him of rape anyway, and lastly why an HIV-positive lesbian who saw him as a father figure would want to have unprotected sex with him.

The defence's closing argument revolves largely around claiming that there is a big conspiracy to discredit Zuma so that he can't run for president in 2008. That's pretty much their strongest argument.

In more news from the offices of the mayor of Cape Town, the DA's audit to find out what the ANC has left them with has discovered R25 million of city assets and property missing, stolen or just generally unaccounted for. This includes not only the expected staplers and calculators and pens, but also guns, bullet proof vests, and 'heritage' artwork and valuables (which is alone worth R6 million). It's like the outgoing mayorship took everything that wasn't bolted down. Someone should check the kitchen to see if the sink is still there.

And lastly, the DA is now calling for the Home Affairs minister to resign after Home Affairs announced it temporarily could not issue any passports. Why can they not issue passports, you ask? Is this some terrible foreign affairs bungle that means South Africans are no longer allowed to leave the country? No, quite simply, Home Affairs has run out of blanks. Run out. Of blank passports. So they can't make anymore. Until they get more blanks.

*slaps forehead*


Blogger Wild Tanuki said...

Like your blog!

It's nice to read something from South Africa. I used to live there (Natal Province) in a way former life.



p.s. Have you seen Mirrormask? Since you like Neil Gaiman thought I'd ask. He's currently working on a new film too.

April 28, 2006 3:50 PM  
Blogger moonflake said...


I haven't seen mirrormask - it's on my very long list of must-see movies that i just don't seem to have time to see :)

April 28, 2006 3:52 PM  

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