Thursday, April 27, 2006


A few links for you today:

Body Autonomy put forward plainly and clearly as an argument for abortion here and here. Bluey the Body Rights Thingamabob sure knows his stuff. I'd never really thought of the right to body autonomy as the basis of all rights, but now that he mentions it, it makes more sense than a lot of other stuff about rights. The body defines the person, the person defines the need for personal right. Fuck with the right to someone's autonomy over their body, you fuck with their personhood, and subsequently undermine all personal rights. Simple, really. Also, Bluey is rather cute.

Zenstar rants about Snoop Dogg and other gangsters and their prison records (Snoop Dizzle has been arrested again, for the umpteenth time). The only industry where serving time should be a pre-requisite for doing well is organized crime. End of story. I'm reminded of SA's own Mzekezeke, who wins fans by always appearing in public wearing a prison uniform and a ski mask. Lovely. Teach those kids some values, why dontcha?

Tom Cruise sure doesn't seem to hold is duties to promote Mission Impossible III very highly. First, he uses them as a bargaining chip to get Comedy Central and Paramount's parent corporation, Viacom, to force Comedy Central to pull a South Park rerun that poked fun at scientology, now he ditches same duties to go shopping for baby clothes. I wonder what Paramount thinks of all this.

In local news, another stupid person dies doing something stupid. Someone pried open the lift doors of a building in Durban, to discover *gasp* an empty shaft on the other side. Then he slipped, fell, and died. There is a very good god damn reason the doors were closed. Darwin awards, anyone?

And finally, how to know if someone is a bona fide kook.


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