Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I've had one hell of a day today, what with being about 5 hours late for work due to my car's battery committing suicide. Turns out that replacing it is not enough, as it seems like there might be an electrical problem which caused the battery to be drained in the first place. So tomorrow morning i get to visit the auto-electrician too. Why do emergency expenses always happen right at the end of the month?

Anyway, not a lot of time to blog today, so I'll just throw some quickies out there:

Scandal rag You had an article about Kevin Ray Underwood, and mentioned his blog. They also had a nice shot of his profile including the Cannibal Outfitting question. What amazes me about their standard of journalism is twofold: firstly, they misquoted the question despite the screenshot being right there on the same page; secondly they stated that Underwood had asked the question when it was in fact Blogger that asked it of him. I have emailed them to set them straight. We shall see if they publish the letter.

Talking about the You again, their only reaction to letters of disapproval about their agony aunt's appearance in court in support of Jacob Zuma, and basic admission that she lied to letter writers to make sure they didn't commit suicide, was to make a small mention in the editorial that she was acting in her private capacity. Wimps. They should have fired her ass.

In parliament, Mbeki has questioned the constitutionality of a proposed ammendment bill that gives government control over independant communications industry regulatory body ICASA. Why would this be a problem, besides the fact that independant regulatory bodies should be, well, independant? Because the government owns a large chunk of every single major communications provider in the country. Lunacy. Isn't it interesting that the bill passed parliamentary scrutinizing without issue, and it took the president to turn around and question it?

In another unbelievable move, the Health Department has stated that it will be investigating the sale of a supposed AIDS cure that has not only not been clinically approved, but which is also largely composed of industrial solvents. Virodene is being marketed as safe, but so far the side effects have been those you would expect of people drinking industrial solvents. Now what i want to know is this: why is the health department suddenly so interested in investigating false claims of efficacy in AIDS medication, when in the same breath it's advocating the use of untested 'traditional' remedies? Maybe it's just that Virodene won't give them a slice of the pie.

And lastly, Cape Town Mayor Helen Zille was attacked yesterday by ANC members at a public talk about service provision in townships. ANC members in the audience hurled chairs at her, with one chair actually striking her in the head, and one ANC member threatened her with a knife before security hurried her out of the hall. Their cars were pelted with stones and half-bricks as they left. This is what happens when the ANC - who campaigned for democracy so well - lose a democratic election. They really can't believe that it's possible, and resort to violence. Or maybe they just can't believe that finally someone is actually doing something about housing and service provision, and it's not their party. I find it interesting that two news headlines i saw on my way to work today were 'Zille announces plan for housing' and 'Zille threatened with knife'. Does that make any kind of sense?

Naturally the ANC are denying they had anything to do with it. ANC provincial chairperson James Ngculu said it "worried" him that people automatically assumed that ANC supporters were responsible. Automatically assumed? This is yet another case of the ANC forgetting that video cameras actually record things: the chair-throwers are shown quite clearly wearing ANC shirts, and singing ANC songs. But then again maybe it's all just a conspiracy to discredit the ANC, just like everything else that's ever made them look bad.


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