Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Various Stupidity over the Easter Weekend

Well, it seems the world didn't take a holiday from stupid this weekend. In the news:

People in the Philippines think it's a good idea to get crucified with actual nails over Easter. They say they do this for penance, or in prayer. In reality they do it because they are stupid. The only person who gave this practice the dignity it deserves is the Japanese guy who allowed the footage of his crucifixion to be used in porn (and what the hell kind of porn is that anyway?).

This person got what they deserved when it comes to superstition: they got ripped off. Learn a lesson, people, mystics are fraudsters. End of story.

Muslim sectarians (or maybe just one madman acting alone if you believe the government) in Egypt attacked worshippers in Coptic christian churches last friday, killing at least one person. The stupidity here, besides the killing of people for religion? It wasn't Good Friday for Coptics, as they along with Greek Orthodox churches celebrate Easter one week later. Stupid. If you're going to make a religious statement, at least get the god damn date right.

And lastly, South Africa bids farewell to young actor and comedian Brett Goldin, murdered this weekend. Brett and friend Richard Bloom were found naked and face down in a field, each of them having been shot in the back of the head. Brett is best known as a member of Crazy Monkey, the comedy team who created MTV-inserts spoofing Jackass, and who starred in the local comedy Straight Outa Benoni. The stupidity is that the only reason we know who did it is that the perpetrators were arrested in a random Easter Weekend roadblock, and the officer just happened to find Brett's credit card on them. This is how crime is solved in SA - by accident.

Happy Easter, motherfuckers. Nice to see your god was doing his job over the weekend. NOT.


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