Thursday, July 06, 2006

Midweek Cuckoo: Robert Gaylon Ross Sr and Cecil Ross

The place of honour this fine Thursday* is held by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr, an expert on history, politics and government secrets. Or at least he thinks he is. Ross is an example of that most kooky of species, the paranoid conspiracy theorist. When no one would publish his book on the secret Elite who run the world (I wonder why?), he set up his own organization, Ross International Enterprises (RIE), and published it himself. He now offers his publishing services to a handful of equally nutty authors.

Ross makes all the standard claims of a secret Illuminati-esque society pulling all the strings. His first novel, The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell The People, apparently "unleashes alarming new evidence of the Elite's monumental crimes against humanity". If they don't dare let us tell the people, how exactly did they let the book get published? Another book of his, The Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, RFK & MLK, claims to tell "who the shooters were, where they were standing when they fired their shots, who organized the events, and who wrote the checks to pay the killers of these four fine men." Ross seems to be so well informed, one wonders if he isn't a member of the Elite himself.

All of this would be fairly run-of-the-mill kookiness if it weren't for the second half of RIE's mandate - alternative physics. Ross apparently supports the alternative physics theories of Cecil Ross, and relates them to his own theories of an Elite conspiracy (don't ask how, i'm not going to read his books to find out). There's no indication of whether Cecil is a relation, but I have my own theories, which I will expound on in a moment.

Cecil Ross's alternative physics is fairly standard stuff from those who wish to believe that they have a solid grasp of theoretical and experimental physics, but don't. As usual he claims to have revolutionised, nay replaced, the theories of Maxwell, Newton, Einstein and a host of particle physicists of the modern era. Here are a few snippets - judge for yourself:

Waves of light only appear to be in motion. The apparent motion of light is the result of an influence conducted from one atom to another. This proposition requires that the "space" between stars is not void of matter; it consists of a medium of matter, which Aristotle called ether.

I believe that the single, most important quantity that physicists and astronomers have not been able to prove, beyond any doubt, is the speed of light beyond our atmosphere, or the speeds of radar waves over great distances, which have been assumed to be the universal standard for long-distance measurements.

I cannot define it; yet, I am led to think that light is nothing more than a visible influence that helps us to "feel" something without touching it.

...spiral galaxies are actually evolving "solar systems", appearing as our own maturing solar system must have appeared long ago.
Cecil has also ventured into the genre of science fiction (some might say that is the only genre he has ventured into), with a book published by RIE entitled Friends of the Ezekians. The author adds the following note to the synopsis:

This book contains no explicit or otherwise undesirable language, and no sexual behavior, either explicit or implied. It does contain three brief incidents of inoffensive violence. Although it is not intended for preteen aged children, it should not, in my opinion, be detrimental to their character if they choose to read it.
Robert Gaylen Ross Sr adds his 2c:

The above Author's Note is his way of telling the reader that this is not an offensive piece of work. My personal opinion is that this book can be read and enjoyed by anyone who can read. The intent is not to be politically correct, but is simply that the author's moral and ethical base is so straight that he finds the typical novel offensive because of the heavy dependency on violence and sex to tell the stories. It's about time that authors and publishers produce novels for anyone who enjoys reading. This one is a WINNER.
And this was when I realised that Cecil Ross and Robert Gaylen Ross Sr are not related. They are one and the same man. The proof is right here:

From Robert Gaylen Ross Sr's bio: "Born in Big Lake, Texas, he holds a BS degree in Industrial Engineering from Texas A & M University. While active in engineering, he was a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas, and a National Certified Manufacturing Engineer."

Cecil Ross: "I am an engineer. "

I rest my case.

*Owing to the fact that I had Monday and Tuesday off work (Happy 4th of July!) and that I have no internet connection at home and hence no ability to go freak fishing, your wednesday weirdo comes to you one day late this week.


Blogger totalwaste said...

sounds more like a "BS" degree, but then again, he does hail from texas.

July 07, 2006 5:19 PM  
Blogger moonflake said...

well, he wouldn't be the first person to lie about getting a degree from Texas A&M.

July 07, 2006 5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

moonflake = smart mouth, low iq - needs a punch on it to show him reality

July 08, 2007 1:23 PM  
Anonymous Someone Who Knows said...

First of all, Cecil Ross is Gaylon Ross's younger brother. Second of all, Gaylon Ross graduated from Texas A&M. I've seen his senior "class ring". I've seen his senior yearbook.

You wanna pick on the guy, do so, but don't be an ass about it. Do your damned research before opening your trap.

May 10, 2011 3:47 PM  

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